Fall is approaching, but we are still into that summer and sunny energy thanks to Kylo Violet’s new single. The singer created a new uplifting song that is about manifesting his future and is entitled “Melrose”.

The artist made a track combining positive melodic touch infectious sonorities. It plunges the audience into a colorful musical world where real music and beautiful energy reign.

This song is delightfully catchy with its light, modest pace and colorful, summertime beat. Lyrically, Melrose deals with the idea of one’s future, but from my view, it is the way humans experience time, how it seems to go slow when we are bored or unhappy presently while seeming to speed up things for a better future.

“Melrose” is haunting, catchy, and very easy to listen to. It is outstanding and showcases Violet’s immense talent and artistic potential with global appeal. And you shouldn’t miss this masterpiece.

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