Almost the end of the month, and we were looking for the freshest music to celebrate a new one coming. We are fortunate, we fell on the more exciting release for a few months, and he goes by the name of Iniko. We discovered him thanks to his latest hit album Consternation” featuring Vinayak Rajan.
The songs in the album are almost from all different genres, performed with the kind of innocence and delicate sincerity that really makes you want to root for these artists to succeed. The songs in themselves are minimalist and beautiful, giving off a coffee house, folkish vibe.
The album features a trip hop-oriented sound, influenced by  Gen Z’s view of the isolation and anxiety caused by these trying times. The music is brooding and darkly ambient, occasionally evoking some thoughtful vibes. The mix of guitars, synths, and loungy vocals creates an eclectic, chilled-out atmosphere with moody hints of underlying tension.
My favorite song on here is probably “pretty eyes”, which could best be described as a combination of melodic bliss and late-night acoustic coffee house music. 
Dive right now into this seven brilliant song album by Iniko:
Consternation” is available on all major platforms. Follow Iniko on Instagram to keep up with him and other future releases.

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