$OWDA is our best surprise of the day thanks to his latest release “7 Months”, featuring Ig4 Music, a banger ready to make waves in the international music industry and that will place the artist among the most creative of the latest years. Perfect to start the weekend on a good note!

With its melodic beat and cerebral vibe, this music will elevate your consciousness as you allow yourself to get lost in the sound. The vocals are pleasant to listen to and somewhat hypnotic. 
The title suggests, $OWDA  sings about his feelings of insecurity when it comes to the time gone by. Ironically, he’s very secure in his delivery. His willingness to be open about his vulnerabilities in itself demonstrates a level of sincerity and artistic courage. 
7 Months” is all about the music and the emotion, rather than simply looking to cultivate an image. The track is packed with positive vibes and proves itself to be an energetic hip-hop song. 
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