Gus McArthur Is Taking Rock Music To New Heights

Rock music has grown and changed since its inception in the early part of last century. What used to be a traditional derivative of folk and soul music has grown to encompass other genres like pop, electronic and hip-hop. For Gus McArthur, a band of two brothers with diverse musical styles, this new era of rock music is perfect. Their heavy metal inspirations are mixed with spoken word raps to make a new type of sound enjoyable by all.
For a while, rock and hip-hop existed in their own separate worlds. Whether it be difference in culture, race, or background, early pioneers of both styles chose to keep their distance. Bands like Beastie Boys and Rage Against The Machine broke down the barriers for the blending of the two genres.
For Gus McArthur, a band consisting of brothers Honan & Goran and drummer Johnson Z, bringing the sounds together was a no brainer. Making a point to keep their music fresh and keep their listeners unable to expect what’s next, they trade melodic singing and guitars with meaningful rap verses and break beats. This mixture is highlighted best on their biggest single, All I See, which has been streamed over 750,000 times and has 15,000 listeners monthly.
With blog recognition and tour dates ramping up, Gus McArthur is ready to make an impression in multiple genres in 2022.
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